Peoplus Recruitment, with a recognized history, we are a distinguished human capital consulting organization serving global corporations, investment banks, financial software houses and Fortune 500 scale companies with strong talent networks in Hong Kong and extended to mainland China, US, Europe and other Asia Pacific regions.

Selection Strategies
We undergo different search and selection methodologies according to different scenarios. For an assignment requesting generic skills and functions, we do take database search and advertising as the first mean of candidate sourcing pipeline. However, we also have different networking strategies, sophisticated organizational mapping and other professional intelligence to cope with specific assignments.

After the sieving process and potential candidates are identified, we step up the next stage into the close-up screening process to extract a list of the high potential candidates for each vacancy. To go further, we may have all-rounded confidential discussions and on-going assessments with candidates with an aim to understand their real expertise and potentials. This adds values to businesses with the quality selection of talents and offers our candidates chances for career advancement.

Our Consultants
Our dedicated consultants and researchers are seasoned recruitment professionals and all graduates from top-rated universities who showcase in-depth business intelligence, market knowledge and industry expertise. And our commitment in delivering total customer satisfaction and continually upgrading our services will bring the best and the most benefits to both our clients and candidates.

Sophisticated Technology
Another key component to our executive search process is our proprietary Candidate Management System (CMS). This system is developed by our in-house IT talents and has been launched for over 5 years. Our sophisticated infrastructure facilities enable us in searching the candidates efficiently.The database stores dozens of thousands candidate profiles so that we can provide the perfect match and solutions for the human resource needs of our clients.