Permanent Placement - Professional selection from "Head-to-Toe"
Executive Search
Since we were founded, executive appointments become one of the area that we are proud of. With a completed understanding of the specific business goal of our client, we do strive for the best practice on the search for the high-rated leaders for a series of confidential discussions in order to make sure that the invited executive matches the specific objectives and fit into the culture of the organization.

Mid-level Professional Acquisition
For many specialized functions, where candidates may not proactively explore other opportunities, advertising approach might not be as effective. In such cases, we may showcase our specific professionalism.

We have a team o f researchers proactively collect data to construct and carry out sophisticated organizational mapping based o n information from special channels. Therefore, we do always provide a right match in the very initial stages.

Green Talents Acquisition
Besides attracting CVs from e-platforms, we do extend our professionalism by giving recruitment seminars to different top-rated universities to make sure the pipeline of "new blood" keeps pumping into the right area that can fully exercise the strengths of the new generations.

Secondment Services
Delivering a solution designed to meet our client's business and needs, we provide secondment recruitment services to numerous MNCs and large local companies in Hong Kong. By using our secondment services, we will handle all the HR functions for the seconded staff in place of our clients. This service is especially suitable for project based operations.

HR Functions Outsourcing
By outsourcing your HR functions to Peoplus, our clients can concentrate on their core business and can save on the cost of hiring HR professionals for different needs. We specialize in handling HR functions in following areas:
  • Payroll Management
  • Compensation & Benefits
  • Recruitment & Selections
  • HR Policies Formulation
  • Staff Performance Review
  • Other Tailor-made / Ad-hoc HR Projects

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