Peoplus Recruitment, with a recognized history, we are a distinguished human capital consulting organization serving global corporations, investment banks, financial software houses and Fortune 500 scale companies with strong talent networks in Hong Kong and extended to mainland China, US, Europe and other Asia Pacific regions. Our key focus includes but not limited to the following:

Financial Market
Investment Banking, Retail and Commercial Banking, Worldwide Insurance, Asset Management, Hedge Funds, Financial Technology (IT), Global Banking and Markets (GBM), Securities Brokerage Firm etc.

Consumer Market
MCG, Retails, Consumer Technology, Luxuries, Advertising & Media, Entertainment, Health care, Supply Chain Management, Property Developer etc.

IT Solution Provider, Telecommunications, New Media, Electronics Commodities etc.

Industrial Sector
Aviation, Aerospace, Defense, Transportation, E&M, Energy and Oil, Chemicals, Environmental Science etc.

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